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Back at School – Not Camp!

November 3, 2006 by · 9 Comments · School Events and Issues

Back at school when the others went to camp we played lots of things with Mr Chapman. We played sports such as dodgeball,softball and all kinds of other stuff. We watched two movies about Halloween; actually one of them was called “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and we also had a party. We had lots of things that we could eat and drink – such  as chips and drinks. There were all kinds of flavours such as rasberry, cola, passion and lime.The chips i liked the best were Zayyans chips they were chilli. He also brang lollies they were also good. So you see you dont have to go to camp because you can have fun at school too.  

 Halloween    Haunted House 2    Haunted House 1


By John C and Mohammad

School Camp

November 3, 2006 by · 14 Comments · School Events and Issues


 Goodbye campers 1     Cooking on da fire    Rafting up 1


Hi everybody!!! On Monday most of the Stage Three people went to camp in the Royal National Park near Sutherland. The name of the campsite was Rathane. 

We were put into groups and given our cabin. They were really small – only 4 or 5 people could fit in them. 

It was so fun! There were many activities that we could do like canoeing, water sliding, rock-climbing, Billy carting, bush cooking and low ropes. 

Canoeing was really fun but Emily kept freaking out!!!!! Serge and Akaati fell in the water but luckily they didn’t drown – thank heavens for life jackets. Minnie and Wafa were useless – they didn’t know what to do and all they did was laugh. Wafa also continually screamed – she even frightened the cockatoos who thought she was a new species! 

The Waterslide was one of the best activities that we did! We had to get on a mat and slide down. Rock-climbing was unreal!!!!! I climbed right to the top!!! 

Billy carts were fun but we made ours wrong and in the middle of the race the wheel fell of!!! 

Bush cooking was fab!! We had to make a small fire (not a bush fire) Find a cooking stick wrap some dough around it and cook it in the fire!!!! When it was cooked we had to pull it off the stick, pour some maple syrup in it and eat it!! It was some nice damper!!! 

Low ropes was an obstacle course where you had to walk along some ropes but the best part in low ropes was the tyre on a rope, where you had to glide along the rope leaning on a tyre!!! 


                     Billy Cart                     Water view 2

By Sarah and Wafa

The Great Debaters

November 3, 2006 by · 8 Comments · School Events and Issues

                                          BSPS Debaters

Yilmaz, Adrian, Martin, and Harry are debaters that won the semi-finals against Guildford West last week.They are going to the grand-final and have won 6 out of 6 debates.The topic was that technology has changed our lives for the better. Robert was the time keeper and Kingston was the chairman.

Belmore South had to explain that technology does change our lives for the better.The negative team, Guildford West had to explain that technology doesn’t change our lives for the better.The negative team had to argue to the affirmative team if they were right or wrong. Belmore South beat Guildford West and are now going to the grand-final.


By Akaati and Tore

The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits

October 23, 2006 by · 3 Comments · Science, Thinking

The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits

Here is a really great site that introduces electric circuits and then tests your knowledge. It lives on the Sandaig Otters blog site. Try out the activities and see if you can top score and get a certificate.

Let everyone know what you think of the site and the activities in a comment after this post.

Why not try and think of a

  • “plus”    :smile:    (a positive)
  • “minus”  :sad:    (a negative)
  • “wish”    :!:  :?:  (a question or suggestion)



What do you think – Global Warming

October 7, 2006 by · 12 Comments · Science & HSIE, Theme, Thinking

Hello AllStars! I hope that you are all enjoying your holidays. Can I ask how your “Showbag Projects” are going? Have you started yet? Have you finished yet?    :lol:

Here are some articles you might like to look at, all about Global Warming. Have a look at them at “TIME for Kids” by clicking on the icon below.   

                                    Global Warming

  • Why do you think that Global Warming is such a big deal?
  • What do you understand by the term Global Warming?
  • Is there really anything you can do about Global warming?
  • Who’s problem is it?

How To Make a Flic-Flac

September 29, 2006 by · 20 Comments · Literacy, Science

Materials: stiff cardboard, elastic band, tooth pick, sticky tape, hole puncher

Steps: 1) Bend one piece of cardboard in half.

Step 1

2) Make holes in each end about 1 cm from the edge.

strp 2       

3) Thread one end of the elastic band through one of the holes in the card.Break a matchstick in half and put one piece through the loop as shown.   

 step 3     step 4  

4) Do the same for the other end of the elastic band and tape down the two match sticks.

 step 5   

5) ” Set” the flic flac by bending it inside out. Place it on a desk and hold it down with your finger.When you move your finger away from the flic flac it should jump into the air.

step 6   DSC00418.JPG  

By Zayyan and Keanu  :mrgreen:

End of Term

September 27, 2006 by · 4 Comments · School Events and Issues

So many things have been happening lately and I can’t wait until we get them up here for everyone to see.

  • Multicultural Day
  • Science Experiments
  • Photographer                                                            
  • Choir

 Tore  Choir   Holding things


 Come on 5/6P lets show the world what we have been up to – get cracking and write!  :)    

What are Flic-Flacs?

September 18, 2006 by · 7 Comments · Science

                                Flic Flac

What are Flic-Flacs you may ask?

A Flic-Flac is a piece of cardboard folded in half, with two holes on both sides with an elastic band threaded through each hole, held by a match stick on each side, so the elastic band won’t go back to its original place.

When you finish making the Flic-Flac, to make it jump you have to set it inside out. Place it down on a desk and hold it down with your finger. When you move your finger away it will jump into the air if you make it according to the directions.

The reason why the Flic-Flac jumps is because of the elastic band that tightens the card board when folded – when you let go of it, the elastic band will release  energy making the flic-flac jump and flick in the air.

By:Yilmaz, Andrew, Sabina, Min Uk

Flic Flacs

September 14, 2006 by · 14 Comments · Science

Flying flic-flacs AllStars setting and watching their Flic-Flacs fly!AllStars watching their flic-flacs

Yesterday we investigated energy – we were looking to see if we could find evidence of energy stored in a Flic-Flac. Do you think we found any energy?

Where did the energy come from that made the flic-flac fly?